Fresh Start EP


For those of you who have been a fan or listened to music by South of Roosevelt over the past six years, you probably know that swing house has always been a big part of their sound and style. Well, after taking about a year off from the house scene, that sound has changed a little bit. No, we are not talking about Trap House or bad club music. We’re talking about f’n good HOUSE music for all the real kids out there. The result of this time away is their new Elevated Tracks release titled Fresh Start EP”

Leading off this amazing 2 song EP is the epically ‘bangin’ deep house cut Everybody Everybody. Actually written over two years ago, the release of Everybody Everybody has been a long time coming for the South of Roosevelt crew. After denying countless promo requests for it over the last two years, they decided the time had come to give the kids what they want and release this great jam for ‘everybody’ to hear.

Highlighted by samples of the 1990 original, Everybody Everybody starts off deep and dubby, chuggin along with its rollin low end, warm chords, horns, and strings. The momentum of the intro builds into the first break, where the hook of the song is first introduced. Coming out of the break, Everybody Everybody drops into the main arrangement of the song, dubbing out with loopy vocals, keys and guitar stabs. This track is the biz, and no doubt once you hear it, you will seriously agree.

The second track off the Fresh Start EP is the deep funky jam Freakiness Inside. If there ever was a South of Roosevelt track that would be a good pick to warm up the early evening kids with, this would be the joint. Kids will be chair dancing for sure. The focus of Freakiness Inside is split between the collage of smooth funky key patterns and vocal melodies taken and re-performed from A. Howard’s Freak Like Me. With plenty of extra ear candy and a bass line that goes boom, Freakiness Inside should be the next track you reach for during your opening set.