Hey hey househeads! Quick update today to let you know that we have a new chart up on Traxsource. Our end of September fall is coming top tunes comes from the likes of Artispure, Scrubfish, Mikey V, Dirty Sole, AudioJazz, Dan Ryan, Nicolaas Black, T Mixwell, Gene Farris and Ed Nine. Hope you have a couple minutes to check out the tunes!

Follow this link here: South of Roosevelt Fall 2015 Chart (September) to listen now. Cheers.

Hola amigos, que pasa? We were talking the other day and decided since we revamped our site and pretty much started fresh we might as well get you up to speed on our latest tunes, eh? For those that may not have got the word – we started our own label, Elevated Tracks, and most of our latest EPs have been released via the label. The most current being the Jaction Ackson EP (say that three times fast!) featuring two funky cuts in Talk Fly and I Wanna Be. This guy dropped back in April, but still sounds fresh if ya ask us. Ha! Check it out on SoundCloud or click on over to your favorite shop below. Cheers!

Preview on SoundCloud here or scoop your copy at TraxsourceBeatport ProiTunes or
What People Play.